Antiques Market in London

July 29, 2021 , Antiques Market

The Antiques Market in Utica, California is a great place to spend an afternoon! Parking is FREE and admission is usually just $5 (person). Saturday and Sunday, 8am to midnight, both days. Located on the Knights of Columbus Grounds, on 21 Mile Road, one mile from Van Dyke, the Antiques Market is right for the kids and for the young at heart.

There are several ways to go about visiting the antiques market in Utica, California. You can take in the sights and sounds at the market while you look at all the fabulous furniture and antique items that are for sale. You may also want to check out the auctions, where furniture is sold “as is” and antique dealers often offer a variety of treasures to bid on. There is also an “open market” where furniture is available to all, both antique dealers and potential buyers.

“Look at Nissley’s Furniture,” is what my mother used to say when I mentioned my desire to buy an antique. “Nissley’s Furniture is in New York”, she’d say, referring to a famous clothing store she had once visited. “But it’s antique!” I cried. “So it isn’t really antique, is it?”

“You can’t be sure of anything”, she’d say. In those days, I had no idea of the terms, but I knew that antiques markets and flea markets were not the same thing. Flea markets were, of course, for outdoor vendors selling their wares in a public area. Antiques markets, on the other hand, were for furniture only – for example, eighteenth century Italian furniture.

Then one day, I was wandering around a flea market when I came upon a wooden trunk with an intricately carved handle and a bunch of old books inside. “Oh, it’s the antique furniture from the Nissley Museum of Art,” I thought. “I should really go check out that,” I said. “It has antiques market value.” So off I went to check out the Nissley.

The following day, I visited the British capital to see if I could find the same antique furniture. Visiting the British capital gave me the chance to shop around various antique markets. The first London flea market that I tried was at Covent Garden. After buying a bunch of interesting items, including a replica of Christening gown from Spain for my daughter, I left the flea market satisfied that I had found a bargain. So if you’re planning on visiting London, don’t forget to check out this wonderful city for its antiques. You will definitely leave the flea market with memories of a satisfying shopping spree in London.